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Informe de Eurydice sobre educación física y deporte en la escuela en Europa

Table of Figures


Executive Summary

Chapter 1: National Strategies and Large-Scale Initiatives

1.1. National strategies
1.2. Large-scale initiatives
1.3. Monitoring of national strategies

Chapter 2: Curricular Content

2.1. National aims
2.2. Learning outcomes
2.3. Status of physical education activities
2.4. Health education
2.5. Policy reasons for selecting particular mandatory activities
2.6. Exemptions from physical education

Chapter 3: Recommended Taught Time

3.1. Recommendations on taught time in compulsory education
3.2. Changes in taught time between 2006/07 and 2011/12
3.3. Share of taught time for physical education in curricula

Chapter 4: Pupil Assessment

Chapter 5: Teachers

5.1. Extent of teachers' specialisation
5.2. Initial education and qualifications of specialist teachers
5.3. Continuing Professional Development

Chapter 6: Extracurricular Physical Activities and Sports

6.1. Authorities or other bodies involved in provision
6.2. Main target groups
6.3. Main types of activities

Chapter 7: Planned Reforms

7.1. Towards new national strategies and large-scale initiatives
7.2. Reforms of central curricula
7.3. Reforms related to teachers
7.4. Improvements in sports equipment and infrastructure

Glossary, Statistical Databases and References


Annex 1: National strategies and main large-scale initiatives, 2011/12
Annex 2: Recommended taught time